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If you have an injury, you may need a digital X-ray to get an accurate image of the cause. Austin Keys, DC, of Keys Chiropractic in Southeast Denver, Colorado, uses cutting-edge, digital X-rays to determine the source of your pain to give you a proper diagnosis. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Keys, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Digital X-Rays Q & A

What is a digital X-ray?

Digital X-rays are a noninvasive imaging mechanism that uses optic technology to directly capture a view of your injured area during an exam. Your body is exposed to a small dose of ionizing radiation to display pictures of the inside of the affected area. The image is then transferred to a computer digitally. 

Digital X-rays allow Dr. Keys to assess your spine and joints, as examples, with intricate detail so he can observe the root cause of your condition quickly. Having digital X-rays onsite at Keys Chiropractic offers you a quick and painless way to find out the source of your pain so your personalized treatment can begin.

What are the benefits of digital X-rays?

Getting a digital X-ray has many benefits that lead to the proper treatment of your condition. It’s a preferred imaging process because of the following.

  • Noninvasive and painless
  • Speed of transfer only takes seconds
  • Better for the environment compared to traditional radiography
  • Detailed imaging leads to a quick diagnosis 

Digital X-ray eliminates the use of bulky films and cuts radiation exposure by about 80% compared to traditional X-rays. It also allows for a greater degree of vision with its high resolution, providing an up-close look at your spine, joints, possible fractures, trauma, or degeneration that may have occurred.

Dr. Keys uses digital X-rays to give you a precise diagnosis of your condition. Guesswork is eliminated; he has the information necessary to offer you the best treatment possible.

Are digital X-rays safe?

The FDA concludes that radiation exposure from an X-ray is equivalent to an average of 10 days of exposure on earth, which is very small. At Keys Chiropractic every precaution is taken to ensure your safety with the reduced exposure times and modern high-frequency digital X-ray technology.

Being able to use digital X-rays to see the details of why you’re in pain is key to receiving the right diagnosis and treatment for your injury. Dr. Keys has the expertise to determine your condition with digital X-rays and to start a treatment plan for your healing. Call the office or book an appointment online today.