Joint Function and Performance

Normal joint vs Osteoarthritic joint

When looking at the overall function of a joint the 3 main things we should be looking for are: Mobility>Stability>Strength

#1 is the joint mobile? A fixed or restricted joint lead to most issues someone will visit a chiropractor for. Increased pain and stiffness as well as tight muscles around it trying to protect it. This will increase pain, stiffness, and discomfort. Stretching is very important for proper mobility. Dynamic stretches before exercise and static stretches after exercise. If the joint is mobile its time to work on stability.

#2 is the joint stable? If the joint isn't stable, tight muscles and stiffness will increase with movement. The trigger points you release will seem to never go away or they go away temporarily. The first thing to look at with stability with any joint in the body is your core stability. Isometric muscle exercises are the best way to stabilize a joint. If the joint is stable, it's time to work on strength.

#3 is the joint able to handle strength training to the muscles surrounding and attaching to the joint? This is always my last assessment looking at body function. Strength training on a joint that is not fully mobile only increases your strength in the short range of motion you can currently move that joint. This means you are not strong throughout the entire functional range of motion. Strength training on a joint that is not fully stabilized leads to abnormal shearing of the joint, damage to the cartilage, restriction of blood supply, and inevitably leads to osteoarthritis if not corrected.

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Dr. Austin Keys Dr. Austin Keys Owner of Keys Chiropractic

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