Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Vs. Class III Cold laser

       I wanted to spend some time discussing the differences between class 4 laser and class 3 laser therapies.

     I have been using a Class 3 cold lasers since I was a rehab intern in grad school (nearly 6 years now). My first experience with a class 3 laser was to help heal a severe ankle sprain I had in high school. The class 3 laser is great for tissue repair and recovery for sprains, muscle tears, skin lesions, and many other ailments. It is a continuous laser treatment that does not use heat or cause any form of pain. To be honest, you really won't feel much of anything during the treatment. The only thing you will feel is the wand head moving back and forth over the tissue. The treatment is a low-level light therapy that uses photobiomodulation. This is just a big word that means the cells involved with the tissue repair will be accelerated to do their job faster.

     I've been using a class IV laser for 3.5 years now and it continues to blow my mind with the ailments and conditions it has been able to help with. The class IV laser is nearly 70x stronger than its older brother the class 3 cold laser at promoting photobiomodulation. The light spectrum that the class IV laser uses is infrared. Infrared light therapy is directly connected to the cells of the tissue repair and recovery process. It activates many more healing properties and cells in the tissue than that of its older brother. Due to it being a hot laser, it even increases the blood supply and oxygen to the tissue making it perfect for osteoarthritis.

     Class 4 laser has helped my clients from osteoarthritis, nerve damage, bells palsy, bone fractures, muscle tears, concussion/brain injuries, tendonitis, and much more. This treatment is being used by professional and college athletes all over the united states to recover from injuries 1/3 faster than they typically would, and now it's available to the public. I've had multiple patients scheduled for surgery become pain free after finishing their treatment plan. I've had patients walking in with a cane and walking out no longer needing it. Obviously, every case and individual are different, but if you would like to see if the class 4 laser can help you give us a call or send me an email. For more Class IV laser information Click Here.


Dr. Austin Keys Dr. Austin Keys Owner of Keys Chiropractic

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